Yes, You Can Order Sod Now!

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Yes, You Can Order Sod Now!

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Yes, you can order sod. You can order sod from us year round! Weather permitting. How To Order Sod

Yes, you can still lay it now in early Summer. Honestly, you can install sod every month of the year here in NM, dependent on weather conditions. Sure you will want to avoid super hot days or very cold days (winter, when and IF ground is frozen), but sod can be cut and laid year round in NM!

Yes, it will live with the proper care and proper watering. Please see our information about Caring for Your Turf Grass for establishing your turf, smart watering information and troubleshooting info. You will find further helpful information here, on Water-Saving Advice, as well as how to Keep Your Soil Moist with Stockosorb®, a water-absorbing polymer that is designed to improve the water retention capability of soils.

Call today to get information on any of our sod, fertilizer, grass seed, alfalfa hay, or Stockosorb®.

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