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When Is Sod Available for Pick-Up or Delivery?

Please see current information on
sod availability for Spring 2021.

DELIVERY OR FARM PICK-UP ONLY – Beginning First Two Weeks of May

Please call 48-72 hours in advance of your expected pick up day.



  • Sod is cut fresh for you when you arrive at the farm to pick it up. We never cut orders at the farm ahead of time, as we really don’t want to see our beautiful sod go to waste if someone decides they cannot come pick up. Cutting it fresh does not take much time out of your day – about 5-7 minutes to cut one pallet of sod (455 sq ft). You won’t have to wait very long and you get the freshest cut sod available in the Southwest.


  • All orders must be pre-paid with a credit/debit card via phone.
  • We deliver sod Tuesdays through Fridays.
    Fridays are our busiest delivery days, so we recommend that you call well in advance, if you wish to have your sod delivered on a Friday.
    Monday afternoon deliveries are upon special request only. We do not deliver on Saturdays.
  • Currently, we are delivering our Bluegrass. We are not cutting any Park Blend or Fescue Blends at this time. (We do have fescue seed however…for a limited time.)
  • Delivery pricing is dependent upon location. Please call 505-832-4247 for delivery pricing.


  • Deliveries must paid at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled delivery day.
  • Deliveries can be paid over the phone (505-832-4247) via credit card. Our delivery driver will bring your sod receipt with him.
  • If paying by credit card, and picking up at farm (for 2021), please call our office M-F 8am-11am to pay via phone.

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How To Order Your Sod

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Please see current information on
sod availability for Spring 2021.

What to do first:

  1. Measure the area.
  2. Choose your installation day. If a Friday or weekend install (we don’t deliver Sun), please call 3 days (or more) in advance to place your order.
  3. Decide whether you will pick up (in Moriarty) or you want the sod delivered. (Tues-Fri, 8a-4p or Sat, 8a-noon)
  4. Call us and place your order! 505-832-4247 (Orders taken Mon-Fri, 8a-11a)


48-72 hours notice is necessary when placing an order during the growing season.

FOR 2021:

We are answering phones beginning May 3, 2021 for sod orders. You can be placed on our “first call” list, once we start cutting the first few weeks of May. Please email usinclude your phone number, and ask to be placed on the list.


Our Albuquerque Lot will be closed for orders for 2021. Orders will be for delivery or farm pick up only.


Should you need fertilizer, seed or stockosorb PRIOR to May 3rd, please email us. We have an unrelated Albuquerque location for pick up orders of these 3 products only.


CALL US AT 505-832-4247

Delivery Orders

Place your order 24-48 hours ahead of time at 505-832-4247

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Sod and Product Orders During COVID-19

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We realize with the coronavirus pandemic, that you may feel “stuck at home” with time on your hands. You’ve probably decided that would be a good time to start sprucing up your yard for Spring and Summer. We understand!

While our farm and Albuquerque location will remain open for sales and deliveries, in light of events surrounding COVID-19, we are limiting public visits to order pickups and associated sales, and implementing the following safety measures to ensure our staff remains healthy:

  • Unless you are wanting to purchase ANY of our products (fertilizer, stockosorb, etc) PLEASE CALL FIRST, instead of visiting us in person. We can answer any questions you have and easily make a future order over the phone.
  • We require that you stay outside while waiting to be loaded and that you remain 6 feet or more from our staff and from other customers.
  • We are still offering delivery to your residential or commercial locations.


Monday – Friday 8 am-4 pm
Saturday 8 am-12 Noon

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Calculate The Area for Sod

1. MEASURE the area where you want to lay sod (length and width in feet). Length = 22 ft.
Width = 35 ft.
2. MULTIPLY the length by width. This will give you the total square footage. 22 x 35 = 770 sq.ft. total
3. To figure the cost (not yet including tax), MULTIPLY the square footage from above (#2) by our current price per square foot. 770 sq.ft.
x $.89 / sq.ft.
= $685.30 plus tax (Moriarty, NM)

Does not include any delivery charges
  • Sod is available in rolls from 7 sq.ft. (18″ x 54″) to 300 sq.ft.
  • Our regular rolls are 7 square feet.
  • One Pallet = 455 sq.ft. and weighs approximately 2300 lbs. depending on water content (adds weight).

We do not take responsibility for
incorrect square footage calculations.

Calculate Your Sod Price |

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Yes! You CAN Plant Sod All Year Round!

We are often asked questions regarding how long we will cut sod, when it’s available, when we stop cutting for the year, or if it’s a good time to plant, and similar.

  • We cut sod and have it available ALL YEAR ROUND (as long as the ground isn’t’ frozen or snowed upon, which doesn’t happen too often here in the Southwest).
  • We never stop cutting sod (again, only if the ground is frozen).
  • Sod can be planted ALL YEAR ROUND, even when dormant.
  • Planting sod ALL YEAR is perfectly fine in Albuquerque and the nearby surrounding region with similar elevations.

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Holiday Hours for Stonegate

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Both our Albuquerque Lot & Moriarty Farm are closed December 16, 2019 – January 6, 2020. No sod will be sold during this time.


We know your horses and livestock still need to eat!
For HAY ONLY (at farm after 12/16), call Don at 505-350-1906 to make arrangements.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

We appreciate our customers and look forward to our continued business together in 2020!

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10% Off 100+ Alfalfa Hay Bales in Moriarty

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Alfalfa hay locally grown in Moriarty, NM

We’re currently cutting our third cut of the season, your livestock will love it!

  • “Wire-Tied” Bales
    $10.00-13.00 ea (60-65 lbs.) **Wire-tied for heavier bales**
  • 3 x 3 x 8 Bales
    $130.00 (750 lbs.)

Farm & Delivery Only
Farm is 5 miles east of Moriarty on the north frontage road.

10 Extra 2-wire Bales on Purchase of 100 Bales or more!

70 Sod Farm Rd
Moriarty, NM 87035

Spring & Summer 2019  (April 13, 2019 – mid-October)
Monday – Friday:  9:30am – 3:30pm – Closed daily 12:00 Noon – 1:00pm for lunch
8:00am-12 Noon
Sunday: Closed

CASH ONLY or CREDIT CARD PRE-PAY (Pay over the phone with our office)


    • From Albuquerque, take I-40 East to Moriarty
    • Take Exit 196 “Howard Cavasos Blvd.” and turn North (left)
    • After the overpass, turn East (right) on “Abrahames Rd.” (Frontage)
    • Travel approximately 5 miles to our farm on the North side of 1-40. (left)

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Ahh…September, the month for planting seed for next years harvest

Actually, it requires 18-24 months, from seeding to harvest, to achieve a quality, mature sod; ready for market.  Sure, some farms will lay a plastic netting down that lets the grass grow up through it; allowing for a 9-12 month harvest; but, the plant may not be fully mature and will sometimes fail to produce the desired results.

When we purchase sod, we expect it to continue to grow for many, many years; possibly providing a lifetime of enjoyment.  So if you have any questions regarding sod, verses other ground cover options, we just might be the ones who can help!

Remember, sod is the safest natural play surface on earth and it does so much to beautify your home.  

Should I seed or sod my yard?

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Albuquerque Lot Open for Season Monday March 12th!

Our Albuquerque lot will be reopening to serve you Monday through Friday beginning Monday, March 12th! We look forward to helping you beautify your yard for the warm weather season!

Albuquerque Sales Lot

3430-A Pan American Freeway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


From I-25 and I-40 Interchange:

  • Take I-25 North to Comanche exit (Exit 227)
  • Turn right (East) on Comanche
  • First right (South) is Princeton
  • First right (West) is Aztec
  • We are at the corner of Pan American Fwy and Aztec

If you are on city streets:

  • Take the north I-25 frontage road from Candelaria
  • We are at the corner of Pan American Fwy and Aztec (two streets north of Candelaria)

Call to order your sod today!


Pick up your order or have it delivered!

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How much sod can my half-ton truck carry?

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Unless you have a truck from the 1960’s or older, “half-ton” does not accurately describe hauling capacity. Today’s half-ton pickups are capable of hauling more than 1000 pounds (1/2 ton). We have successfully loaded many half-ton trucks with one pallet (approximately 2000-2300 pounds depending on water weight).  However, we do not recommend carrying MORE than 1 pallet in your half-ton truck.

IMPORTANT: With this being said, we still HIGHLY recommend checking with your specific truck’s manufacturer (Chevrolet, Ford, GMC., etc.) or your owner’s manual for your truck’s exact hauling specifications. 

Stonegate Turfgrass Ranch takes no liability for damage to your vehicle.

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