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Hey, How About That Hay!

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We grow and sell top quality alfalfa hay for your livestock! While we sold our last hay bales recently, we will be cutting our next round in June 2022! At that time, we will be selling hay direct from our farm in Moriarty, Monday – Friday.

Call 505-832-4247 at the end of May, for more information on alfalfa hay.

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Yes, You Can Order Sod Now!

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Hi everyone!

Yes, you can order sod.

Yes, you can lay it now.

Yes, it will live with the proper care and water.

Call today to order!

8:00 am – 11:00 am

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We Do Not Sell “Park Blend”

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We have had a multitude of phone calls for “Park Blend” which we haven’t sold for a long time.

Please check our product list for available sod products.


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Sod and Product Orders During COVID-19

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We realize with the coronavirus pandemic, that you may feel “stuck at home” with time on your hands. You’ve probably decided that would be a good time to start sprucing up your yard for Spring and Summer. We understand!

While our farm and Albuquerque location will remain open for sales and deliveries, in light of events surrounding COVID-19, we are limiting public visits to order pickups and associated sales, and implementing the following safety measures to ensure our staff remains healthy:

  • Unless you are wanting to purchase ANY of our products (fertilizer, stockosorb, etc) PLEASE CALL FIRST, instead of visiting us in person. We can answer any questions you have and easily make a future order over the phone.
  • We require that you stay outside while waiting to be loaded and that you remain 6 feet or more from our staff and from other customers.
  • We are still offering delivery to your residential or commercial locations.


Monday – Friday 8 am-4 pm
Saturday 8 am-12 Noon

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No Netting…Ever!

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Through-out our sod growing industry, some farmers are turning to using plastic netting to hold their sod rolls together, rather than waiting until the root system grows to a total mature age.

Using a netting benefits only the farmer…not their customer!

Recently, a customer drove to our Moriarty farm to purchase our premium sod.  Last year, he bought sod from one of the large outlet chain stores; but sod died during the winter.  He shared, when rototilling the dirt, all of the netting, which was still in the dead roots, twined up the roto-tiller and caused much trouble clearing the rototiller.  Obviously he was happy that we, at StoneGate TurfGrass Ranch, never take the short path, and wait the long growing period until our sod is totally mature and healthy.


We appreciate your business, but rather more…your friendship!

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Buy New Mexico!

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Did You Know?

Some sod is imported, into New Mexico, from as many as 5 states. This sod travels many miles (two, maybe three days); drying out during their long trip! Out of state deliveries are limited to one or two maximum per week; causing micro-organisms to grow and build inside old pallets of sod.

This heat and micro-organisms cause sod rotting and spoiling.

Our farm, StoneGate TurfGrass Ranch, is located just 35 miles east of Albuquerque, and we will deliver our fresh cut sod, usually within one-two hours. We promise you will receive the freshest, healthiest, and greenest sod available…and grown closest to Albuquerque.

As usual, we will meet you with a friendly greet and a broad smile – that’s just who we are.

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Holiday Hours for Stonegate

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Both our Albuquerque Lot & Moriarty Farm are closed December 16, 2019 – January 6, 2020. No sod will be sold during this time.


We know your horses and livestock still need to eat!
For HAY ONLY (at farm after 12/16), call Don at 505-350-1906 to make arrangements.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

We appreciate our customers and look forward to our continued business together in 2020!

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Ahh…September, the month for planting seed for next years harvest

Actually, it requires 18-24 months, from seeding to harvest, to achieve a quality, mature sod; ready for market.  Sure, some farms will lay a plastic netting down that lets the grass grow up through it; allowing for a 9-12 month harvest; but, the plant may not be fully mature and will sometimes fail to produce the desired results.

When we purchase sod, we expect it to continue to grow for many, many years; possibly providing a lifetime of enjoyment.  So if you have any questions regarding sod, verses other ground cover options, we just might be the ones who can help!

Remember, sod is the safest natural play surface on earth and it does so much to beautify your home.  

Should I seed or sod my yard?

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Albuquerque Lot Open for Season Monday March 12th!

Our Albuquerque lot will be reopening to serve you Monday through Friday beginning Monday, March 12th! We look forward to helping you beautify your yard for the warm weather season!

Albuquerque Sales Lot

3430-A Pan American Freeway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


From I-25 and I-40 Interchange:

  • Take I-25 North to Comanche exit (Exit 227)
  • Turn right (East) on Comanche
  • First right (South) is Princeton
  • First right (West) is Aztec
  • We are at the corner of Pan American Fwy and Aztec

If you are on city streets:

  • Take the north I-25 frontage road from Candelaria
  • We are at the corner of Pan American Fwy and Aztec (two streets north of Candelaria)

Call to order your sod today!


Pick up your order or have it delivered!

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Shop and Compare Your Sod

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It seems we all shop and compare prices.  Milk, butter, oranges, gasoline, motor oil, etc. all share the same thing; there is little difference from one producer to another.

But, when it comes to sod, there are vast differences in quality; however, many folks don’t shop and compare. Even if the sod looks like it has been sitting around for a week, or longer, many will buy it because it’s just cheap and convenient to purchase! Will it even survive once you lay it down?

Much of the sod purchased from the big outlet stores is brought in from out of state, which many do not know. It takes about an hour to deliver our sod from our farm to our retail lot, in Albuquerque; not a full day or two that it might take from an out of state farm!  Our sod never sits around for more than a few hours; simply because we never harvest unless it is ordered and pre-sold. The big stores can’t, or won’t do that, because it takes too much labor to spend time selling low profit items such as sod.  But…we promise to take as much time as needed to explain and educate you, our very valued customers, on the value of a green, healthy lawn.

Thank you for choosing us, when selecting our sod for your next project!

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