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NMSU Researchers Find New Information on Kentucky Bluegrass Water Use

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We wanted to share with you recent studies conducted by NMSU regarding Kentucky Bluegrass!

New Mexico State University’s MSU Regent’s Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist Bernd Leinauer and Research Assistant Professor Matteo Serena are finding a previous notion that Kentucky bluegrass is a poor choice for dry climates to be misleading, if not incorrect. They are working to change the public’s perception on which turfgrasses can survive the best in the drought conditions found in this region


Such findings are different than what has been previously stated. The general opinion has been that Kentucky bluegrass should not be used because of the amount water that it needs to survive.

“This message is the complete opposite of what we’ve been hearing and what water utilities and city politicians tell us. Kentucky bluegrass has been perceived as the worst of all and uses the most water. However, our findings don’t support that. Our results show that if a cool-season grass is chosen, Kentucky bluegrass should be the grass of choice,” Leinauer said.

Las Cruces Sun Article: NMSU researchers find new information on Kentucky bluegrass water use.

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Yes, You Can Order Sod Now!

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Yes, you can order sod. You can order sod from us year round! Weather permitting. How To Order Sod

Yes, you can still lay it now in early Summer. Honestly, you can install sod every month of the year here in NM, dependent on weather conditions. Sure you will want to avoid super hot days or very cold days (winter, when and IF ground is frozen), but sod can be cut and laid year round in NM!

Yes, it will live with the proper care and proper watering. Please see our information about Caring for Your Turf Grass for establishing your turf, smart watering information and troubleshooting info. You will find further helpful information here, on Water-Saving Advice, as well as how to Keep Your Soil Moist with Stockosorb®, a water-absorbing polymer that is designed to improve the water retention capability of soils.

Call today to get information on any of our sod, fertilizer, grass seed, alfalfa hay, or Stockosorb®.

Our Moriarty Farm Is Open!
8:00am – 4:00pm

Phones orders are taken Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 11:00 am.


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Hey, How About That Hay!

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We grow and sell top-quality alfalfa hay for your livestock!

We currently only have 2 Wire Bales available, and they are bundled up in bundles of 21 x Two-Wire Bales

* 2 Wire Bales  (60#)
$10 Bale bundle plus a $21 bundle fee will cost $231
$12 Bale bundles with a $21 bundle fee will cost $273

*Big Bales 3x3x8 (850#)

NO SALES TAX on any hay sales

Call 505-832-4247 at the end of May, for more information on alfalfa hay.

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We Do Not Sell “Park Blend”

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We have had a multitude of phone calls for “Park Blend” which we haven’t sold for a long time.

Please check our product list for available sod products.


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No Netting…Ever!

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Through-out our sod growing industry, some farmers are turning to using plastic netting to hold their sod rolls together, rather than waiting until the root system grows to a total mature age.

Using a netting benefits only the farmer…not their customer!

Recently, a customer drove to our Moriarty farm to purchase our premium sod.  Last year, he bought sod from one of the large outlet chain stores; but sod died during the winter.  He shared, when rototilling the dirt, all of the netting, which was still in the dead roots, twined up the roto-tiller and caused much trouble clearing the rototiller.  Obviously he was happy that we, at StoneGate TurfGrass Ranch, never take the short path, and wait the long growing period until our sod is totally mature and healthy.


We appreciate your business, but rather more…your friendship!

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Buy New Mexico!

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Did You Know?

Some sod is imported, into New Mexico, from as many as 5 states. This sod travels many miles (two, maybe three days); drying out during their long trip! Out of state deliveries are limited to one or two maximum per week; causing micro-organisms to grow and build inside old pallets of sod.

This heat and micro-organisms cause sod rotting and spoiling.

Our farm, StoneGate TurfGrass Ranch, is located just 35 miles east of Albuquerque, and we will deliver our fresh cut sod, usually within one-two hours. We promise you will receive the freshest, healthiest, and greenest sod available…and grown closest to Albuquerque.

As usual, we will meet you with a friendly greet and a broad smile – that’s just who we are.

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Shop and Compare Your Sod

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It seems we all shop and compare prices.  Milk, butter, oranges, gasoline, motor oil, etc. all share the same thing; there is little difference from one producer to another.

But, when it comes to sod, there are vast differences in quality; however, many folks don’t shop and compare. Even if the sod looks like it has been sitting around for a week, or longer, many will buy it because it’s just cheap and convenient to purchase! Will it even survive once you lay it down?

Much of the sod purchased from the big outlet stores is brought in from out of state, which many do not know. It takes about an hour to deliver our sod from our farm to our retail lot, in Albuquerque; not a full day or two that it might take from an out of state farm!  Our sod never sits around for more than a few hours; simply because we never harvest unless it is ordered and pre-sold. The big stores can’t, or won’t do that, because it takes too much labor to spend time selling low profit items such as sod.  But…we promise to take as much time as needed to explain and educate you, our very valued customers, on the value of a green, healthy lawn.

Thank you for choosing us, when selecting our sod for your next project!

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Should I Seed or Sod My Yard?

The lush, beautiful lawn you desire can be achieved through a variety of methods. Seeding and laying sod are two of the most common options, and if installed and cared for properly, either option can provide you with the lawn of your dreams.

There are many differences between choosing to seed or lay sod, but the end result is usually the same, as well as the maintenance level after established.



  • Establishing turf from seed requires less labor to install, but more care during the germination and establishment stages.
  • The initial investment is less, because you are not paying for the 18-24 months farm labor to grown turf ready to cut for sod rolls.
  • More selection of turf seed can be found than sod types.
  • Faster installation than rolls of turf.
  • Difficult areas can be successfully seeded.
  • High quality seed will yield higher quality results.


  • Needs more “baby sitting”.
  • The amount of time accomplish the final result…a lawn you can use.
  • Traffic should be kept completely off a seeded area until it is at least 2″ tall.  Even then, it should be mainly undisturbed, since foot traffic, pets, etc., can easily destroy tender seedlings.
  • Frequent watering during germination. The ground should be kept moist during the entire germination process.
  • Seed cannot be planted all year long (sod can, if the ground isn’t frozen). It does not germinate below a certain temperature, and has a hard time germinating in the summer heat.
  • Weed control during establishment stage is necessary.
  • Erosion is more likely to happen to a seeded area vs. a sodded area. Even if it rains once during the germination process, the pattern can end up very patchy and may need to be over-seeded several times.
  • Low quality seed will yield low quality results.  Many seed mixes you find at a big box store are not even designed for the area you live in. These low quality mixes often contain weed seeds, have low germination rates, and could contain grasses that you do not want. Seeding rates may be difficult for the average person to calculate, and when incorrect can have a negative impact on seed germination. An NTEP rated variety, which means it has been independently evaluated and rated by the National Turf Evaluation Program, means these selected grass seeds have been specifically bred for superior green grass color, disease and insect resistance and drought tolerance.

Tips for Seeding

Use top quality seed. Ask about germination rates. Grade 1 is better than Grade 5.

Using a spreader will ensure you get the proper coverage of seed. Too much coverage of seed can cause the seed to compete with each other. Too little and you will have bare spots. A spreader will work perfectly.

Don’t seed in the hot summer months. Seeds have to compete with usual summer weeds, and do not germinate well in heat and inadequate moisture during the summer. Spring and fall are usually the best times to lay seed.

Planting seed too deep will not allow it to germinate.  Laying seed and covering with about 1/8th inch of topsoil is plenty to start germination.



  • Instant lawn
  • Can be walked on within days of planting.
  • Instant erosion protection.
  • Great for sloped areas or erosion-prone areas where seed would have difficulty surviving.


  • Higher initial cost.
  • To establish you will need to use a larger volume of water than after established.
  • Requires a lot of manual labor to install.

Tips for Sodding

Choose fresh, healthy sod. You don’t usually find quality sod in the big box stores.

Proper soil preparation is one of the most important steps prior to sodding. The optimal soil will be a loamy mix, therefore clay type soils will need amendments such as compost and peat moss.

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Don’t Be Fooled

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StoneGate Farm EntranceWell, they’re back at it again! We’ve heard that local nurseries might be telling customers that they are getting their sod from us. This happened to us a couple years ago too.

Wow! We didn’t know we were THAT popular!

Our sod is ONLY sold directly from our Moriarty farm or from our Albuquerque store on the Northbound I-25 frontage road (north of Candelaria).

If someone other than us is telling you that they sell our sod, we’d appreciate knowing, so give us a call!


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How to Request Info on Sod & Other Products

When requesting more information or pricing through our website, we would just love if you used our Quote/Info Request form, rather than posting a “comment” to our website posts. This way we receive your request via email, and you will get a timely response.

Thanks for helping us help you better! :)

Click here for the Quote/Info Request form.

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